Sin City (2005)

Tagline: Hell of a way to end a partnership.

Synopsis: Sin City is a film that unravels the dark, sinister town of Basin City as a place of troubled lives and tells the story of three different people, all caught up in the violent corruption of the city.

Meat & Potatoes: Sin City is by all definition a Robert Rodriquez film.  For those who are unfamiliar with his work, see his earliest pursuits ->here-< and ->here<-.

The film Sin City, based on three graphic novels written by Frank Miller, tells the stories of three protagonists and their loosely connected relationships in the crime ridden world of Basin city.  Sin City introduces us to a new visual style that clumsily falls flat on the screen.  We are never given an opportunity to immerse our senses in this world even if we wanted to.  The visual details are best described as a manipulation of the very fabric of the film for no other reason than because it is possible.

The visual storytelling of the film is at best weak.  Rather than being impressed with the sketchy, often washed out details of the film, I found the use of color, tone, and computer effects heavy handed and mechanical.  At times I found the loss of detail so distracting that some of the scenes actually looked out of focus and blurry.  I’m sure this was not part of the gimmick.  My first response nearly two minutes into the film was how much it felt like the filmmakers were more impressed with the look of the film than trying to tell a story.  The fact the film involves three vignettes loosely tied together is just another example of fragmenting the story for effect over structure.  This film was for effect, not for storytelling.

The voice over narration of the protagonists during each vignette was dismal.  I wasn’t allowed to engage the film, instead an often monotone voice guided me through every shallow nuance.  To put it plainly, I got tired of listening to the story, especially one which was supposed to be so new and stylistic.  The voice over only served to remind us how awful bad writing is and when it is used for the duration of the film it is nearly impossible to get beyond it.

I was not emotionally satisfied during or after this film.  The characters were equivalent to charcoal sketches of over-stylized concepts.  Obviously we are working in the medium of the ultra-exaggerated where the male characters wear their flaws like costume jewelry and the women are defined by their wardrobe or lack thereof.  I don’t believe you can connect at any emotional level with characters that are as stylized and underdeveloped as these.  What we have to sit through is two hours of murder, torture, and perversity so devoid of emotion that it is impossible to discuss.

Bits & Bites: Frank Miller’s Sin City

More Sin City than you can shake a stick at.

YouTube Sin City official trailer ->here<-

The Closer: If you’re curious watch this film.  If you’re a fan of Frank Miller and/or Robert Rodriguez, watch this film.  If you can suspend all disbelief, all connection to the world as you know, watch this film.  If you’re a skeptic of flashy, over-rated explosions, death and mayhem, make pause before you commit to payment for rental thereof.  If you just want to see if I have any idea what I’m talking about, by all means indulge yourself.

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