Happy caroling and festivizing, happy eating and shopping and traveling and all kinds of stuff I can’t really include here, of all places, but given where we are and what we’re all doing here, happy movie watching and celebrating the true magic in our lives – at the movies. If you’re going to sit down and watch a Christmas movie this time of the year, there are many, many choices. From funny and to poignant, silly to irreverent and everything in between. You could do a lot worse than “A Very Harold & Kumar Christmas”, 2D or 3D or otherwise Blu-ray or not. I reviewed this one earlier this year while writing for Warner Bros. (ok, one more shameless me mentioning) back in May, and since I haven’t actually reblogged anything, I figured this seemed apropos, what with all the mistletoe and what have you. If you haven’t seen this one or any of the other films, you really are in for a good time. Sure, it is heavy on the stoner themes and excessive jocularity (I’ve always wanted to use that word since first hearing it in Mash) but all in good spirit and well intentions. Actually you’ll find a lot of interesting themes dealing with race and identity, friendship and maturity, topics you’d be hard pressed to find from Apatow or Sandler these days. So if you’re going to turn on a movie you haven’t seen or maybe one you have, consider a little this one because a little Harold and Kumar goes a long way.

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Funny any time of the year..


A Very Harold & Kumar Christmas Combo-Pack, the Extra Dope Edition, is the definitive home movie collector’s choice and comes loaded with everything you need to celebrate the holidays in H&K style.  There are two discs in this collection that contain a standard definition DVD, bonus materials and an enhanced Blu-ray disc.  Additionally, you’ll find an insert that provides the Ultraviolet Digital Copy code where you’ll be able to download and/or stream a copy of the movie using Flixster.  On the flip side is your Warner Bros Insider Rewards program and bonus points that you can use to start earning cool reward stuff.  This Combo-Pack contains both the extended cut and theatrical cut along with 2 featurettes: Through The Haze With Tom Lennon, Bringing Harold & Kumar Claymation To Life, and deleted scenes.  Patrick Stinson of Reelzchannel writes on the…

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