Celebrating Female Directors on Eve of Oscar Night 2013

In honor of the 85th Academy Awards show today, February 24th, 2013 I wanted to take a moment and highlight the accomplishments of women in the entertainment industry that are frequently under-represented at awards shows. I wrote this article for Above The Line:Practical Movie Reviews in celebrating the work of several very important female directors “Above and Beyond a Call to Duty”. In light of better representation of women in film and a lack of representation at this years awards show, I think it is important that we reflect on the incredible number of talented, driven women in an industry that routinely overlooks their many great contributions. If not now then when should the injustices of alienating these diverse and eclectic storytellers be acknowledged and rectified not with airy speeches and pompous promises to change but with a wide spread effort to do away with the practice of male dominated leaders in a field that has such an impact on our life and times. Here’s to change and a salute these important women in film.

Above the Line

femaledirectorsatATLA question posed on Facebook led me on my way to this article about the top female directors in recent memory.  While there is no particular order and no interest in writing yet another list of top this or that, my intention is to collect thoughts on the unsung heroes of the underrepresented minority of female directors in Hollywood.  Every time someone sits down to compose a list like this there seems to be some news worthy moment of moments to illuminate the subject but it too fades as the conversation goes, one highlight in an otherwise unfortunate dark room matter of facts – there simply aren’t enough women working behind the camera, especially in the director’s chair.  Yet as much as this is about this phenomenon as a real problem, I think you’ll discover that there are an amazing number of top directors working today who are successful filmmakers irrespective…

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About rorydean

Rory Dean is a multi-medium artist, writer and new media strategist with a background as a creative consultant and technology liaison in the San Francisco Bay Area. His broad experiences and specialties include print-to-web publicity, promotions and design marketing using traditional and social media networks. As a motion pictures and television professional, his short films, productions and commercials have screened to domestic and international audiences. His connections to a diverse client base include artists, entertainers, corporations, non-profits and everyday people.. Dean is co-owner and founder of Dissave Pictures, a boutique production company focusing on audio, video, photography and multi-media designs. Dean's personal and professional background includes dreaming and avid notebook journaling, creative and copy writing, promotions and marketing, audio/video production, photography, videography, editing, web design and new media. He’s also a fan of collaboration and knows when to turn the reigns over, offer feedback, lead the team and step aside. His portfolio includes print, online, film, video, photography, graphic design and promotions. He’ll show you. He has a book and everything. "When not juggling various online worlds, I do a pretty good mime – but that’s another story."
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4 Responses to Celebrating Female Directors on Eve of Oscar Night 2013

  1. Senaida says:

    You have a way with words. You make a lot of good points here and elsewhere in your blog and there’s certainly a lot to like about the amount of research you put into your articles. I want to know about the subject of female directors and your article gives me the push to get off my duff and do some more reading.

    I love all the articles on your site.

    • rorydean says:

      Thanks Senaida, I appreciate you visiting my blog and taking the time to comment. Yes, so much work goes into keeping this thing going but I’m always so excited to post new articles, interact with other bloggers and readers. We can learn from our movies as much as find avenues to connect up with people all around the world. See you around =- cheers->

  2. Jerome says:

    I like your approach. You don’t seem to follow all the other blogs out there and that’s refreshing and new. I found your through the lamb but it doesn’t appear that you’re active there any more? is that the case? Where else can we find your articles or is this it?

    • rorydean says:

      Thanks Jerome. I started out writing to be different and then I discovered I needed to follow certain forms in order to attract an audience that wanted more of the same. And then I decided I needed to be ‘me’ and here I am. I still get lazy, don’t get me wrong, or other life matters get in the way but life is what it is and well, you can’t change the clouds any more than you can make people speed. Thanks for reading.

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