629 by Rory Dean

In this crazy, fast-paced world of information overload it is a rare thing to find oneself alone and in a quiet place within cities.  In this short film, “629” we are invited to enter this solitary moment with a man wandering an old naval shipyard.  Time falls away as he meanders and seems to go back into childhood-like actions of throwing rocks and following painted lines on cement.  This contrasts the contemplative mood set by the look in his eyes and the minimal colour palette of the film.

This film, by director Rory Dean, invites the viewers to not only accompany the man on this quiet journey, but to bring along their own situations to consider along this walk.  This is a multi-layered visual experience that takes place not in the dream-world but along the road that surrounds it; that place where we can think without the distractions of so much chatter and technology.  I constantly hear often these days that we all must make some sort of disconnect but rarely do we get the chance to truly do so.

I enjoyed that this film was not preaching for me to find some quiet time, but felt more like I just found myself following this character.  This is an attribute of director Dean’s films that I appreciate and consistently find:  As Christina Stojanova points out in her article from Splice, Dean works from the center of story to connect otherwise disparate narrative fragments.  This is an undercurrent in all of his films, filmics and short videos.  While there is a definitive story structure, the viewer is granted the opportunity of personal exploration and finite conclusions.

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Melissa K. Smith is a California Bay Area native and pursued an early interest in fine art with study locally and abroad. She completed two undergraduate degrees in fine art and a Master’s degree from John F. Kennedy University in Berkeley in 2004. She is also an accomplished photographer and shares many film credits with her husband in a variety of positions on their films and the films of others from storyboards to stills and producing. She was an integral part of the production of the featurette Once Beautiful Past and continues a variety of pursuits in art, publishing, and photography.
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2 Responses to 629

  1. jimeli1 says:

    FANTASTIC……….You never let grass grow under those feet of yours my brother…Love:James

  2. jimeli1 says:

    I poted this if that is okay?Love you….Since this horror which was the trial is over.I am coming back to California in Fall with Randall…. After I can pay for the surgery so he can walk again..He is confined to a walker or a chair now….Last time was a nightmare so I called no one when in Fresno.Thisnext time it is to be happy and see my friends…When we come I am not sure probably October..We will get a motel room near you for one or two days and work around yur schedule.Love:James My eyesite is pretty far gone so sorry for mistakes.I hate degenerative disease of theeyes.:-)Brother James

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