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Above The Line is the pulpit from which I stand against the insurmountable maelstrom of broadly bad and unmistakably crappy movies nestled amongst the greatest films of our lives and preach the gospel of film criticism, movie witticism and fun.  For every great film there is at least 2 or 3 really, really bad films desperately needing someone to shine a light on them.  The same can be said about great films, the ones we watch over and over again, the ones we add to our personal collections that also have countless others that dim in comparison, however similar, despite what those other reviewers might say.  I focus on critical reviews, in-depth analysis and honest explorations to try and get at what it is that makes the movies we love and hate.  I write for everyday moviegoers and movie enthusiasts looking for an honest, practical approach to learning more about new films, old favorites or perhaps those that got overlooked and forgotten about.  I write to make movie reviews fun as well as informative, challenging and entertaining by relying on my own passion and experience as a filmmaker to open up the world of watching, discussing, critiquing, and enjoying movies.

I don’t just write about movies, I make them too.

Above the Line is a great resource for connecting with the movies you love, like or even hate – online, upcoming, in theaters and on DVD.  I’m actively networking and meeting new bloggers, writers, and critics and whenever possible will maintain links to help broaden your experience here at Above the Line.  My goal is to provide helpful information about films you’ve always wanted to watch or purposefully put off or just forgot about. Maybe you’re interested in visiting some of the big action films of the 70’s or you can’t think of that fun 80’s romp about the guy who sets his sights on the girl of his dreams only to find out he’s not alone and has to overcome incredible obstacles in the name of love . Above the Line is your portal for reviews that aren’t just a regurgitation of plot and movie star biographies; you’ve most likely already decided to watch the latest Ron Howard film or the next Tom Hanks story – you’re not here to read me telling you why one actor is better than another, no prolonged hype about long careers or Hollywood spotlights; I help you make informed decisions about the movies you want to watch and find interesting facts and little known tidbits to give you the nudge you might need to explore a new genre or return to an old favorite. I’ve seen thousands of films across just about every genre you can imagine, even some I’d like to forget, and the cool thing is if you’re looking for an obscure film but can’t find a review of it, not to worry, send me an Email and I’ll do the leg work for you and post a review as soon as I can track the film down. All that and more at Above the Line: Practical movie reviews.

I don’t use a traditional rating system – you won’t find stars or thumbs, no little men with hats either standing and clapping or asleep in a little chair. You won’t find biased opinions or just my two-cents, though admittedly I have a lot of change. I want to put the last twenty-five years or so of my education, personal, and professional involvement with movies and story telling here for others to read, agree with, or disagree with but ultimately to enjoy. This is about movies as much as it is about the ‘movie-experience’. If you’ve strayed away from reviews that are out of touch or just not interesting, welcome back because enjoying movies should never require anything more than interest, appreciation, and a willingness to be inspired.

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