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Melissa K. Smith is a California Bay Area native and pursued an early interest in fine art with study locally and abroad. She completed two undergraduate degrees in fine art and a Master’s degree from John F. Kennedy University in Berkeley in 2004. She is also an accomplished photographer and shares many film credits with her husband in a variety of positions on their films and the films of others from storyboards to stills and producing. She was an integral part of the production of the featurette Once Beautiful Past and continues a variety of pursuits in art, publishing, and photography.


This filmic is a multi-layered visual experience that takes place not in the dream-world but along the road that surrounds it. Continue reading

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Rory Dean featured in “Splice” magazine

“..Rory Dean’s tribute to Godard does an excellent job in emulating Raoul Coutard’s signature camera angles from behind the characters, indoor panoramas and plain-air portraits, like the ones framing a beautiful girl on the beach through the lens of Eddie’s camera. What makes this film truly Godardian, however, is the postproduction intervention in its black and white colour regime (amounting to what the director calls a “whimsical palate”) and in its sound design.” Continue reading

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