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Argo (2012)

So “Argo” should be on your list of movies to watch if you’ve missed it up to now. Be advised that the thrills come in bite-fulls and the story is much more about an ensemble cast than any one particular player. This has double feature written all over it. Pick up a couple of other movies while you’re at it and if all goes South in a hurry you can skip around, go and come back, have a hot dog why don’t you and then give it a while. Call “Argo” the lettuce and the cheese – just make sure you’ve got the right accoutrements to make it a meal. Continue reading

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Celebrating Female Directors on Eve of Oscar Night 2013

Originally posted on Above the Line:
A question posed on Facebook led me on my way to this article about the top female directors in recent memory.  While there is no particular order and no interest in writing yet another…

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Brave (2012)

“Brave” is about knowing yourself in everything you perceive as different and the realization that the heart is as delicate as it is resilient to the wounding of experience – what the soul already knows – that neither masculine nor feminine governs us, rather an understanding and emotionally rich union of the two is at the heart of the universe. Merida comes to embody this place of tradition and transitional and in revealing the mysticism of the feminine spirit the laws of the land open to the warmth of nurtured possibility. Continue reading

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Commentary on Movies, History and Perspective

What we look for most often when we sit down at the movies is a prevailing sense of having gone somewhere and experienced something. We’re looking for fulfillment or some substitute for it, call them distractions from our everyday or little excursions like holidays. Continue reading

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