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Gravity (2013)

Despite the overwhelming positivism, both in reviews and ratings and award show gold, “Gravity” suffers from the same nausea ad infinitum that often relegates it to little more than a snappily dressed carny barker inviting the wanderer to navigate the tent poles of what will become a scattered visit to theater of the absurd. Continue reading

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Children of Men – a following

This film will reach out to you and deliver stunning visuals and submerged messages, it will bombard you with intense scenes and believable emotional exchanges between characters who might not be so different from you or people in your life. The action sequences, the use of handheld cameras throughout and the technique of single, long takes are successful and memorable cinematic achievements. This is a film you must watch for all the reasons I’ve listed and even those reasons I found fault. Children of Men is an epic film and unlike the effects laden, concept driven Goliath spectacles so common in the past couple of years that left you wondering, why don’t they make films like that any more – this one satisfies on multiple fronts and delivers on subsequent screenings. Continue reading

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