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Stand Up for Pain in the Oblivion of Pines

I watch so many movies I often get swept up in the effort to write about all of them in an effective and coherent way. Monday to Wednesday and I’m already behind, by Friday I’ll be right back here scrambling. This time I’m micro-reviewing, a handful of celluloid with the films Oblivion, Pain & Gain, Stand Up Guys and The Place Beyond The Pines. Continue reading

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Ahora o’ Nunca or “Now or Never” a.k.a The Bucket List (2007)

Life is like a sucker punch, a dupe, and you’re lucky if you get a handful of moments to think about where you’ve been and what you’ve done before the unavoidable collision and the lights go out. A movie like The Bucket List is supposed to catch us off guard about a subject no one really wants to talk about and rarely do before they have to, and for a little while we are forced to face mortality and laugh a little in its face. Continue reading

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