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Melissa K. Smith: Honey Hunter

Melissa K. Smith’s imagery and expressions reveal an exacting attention to the nether-spaces in color and form where layered, complex spatial formalities meet the intangible, often illusory places between destinations. These structured juxtapositions of space and imagined space tell us that the subjects of her worlds must first begin with their own command of comfortableness before being allowed to exist entirely on their own. “Honey Hunter is me returning to the paint and canvas shapes I love,” Melissa explains about the painting that was accepted for Hospitality House’s Community Arts Program exhibit “Honeycomb 2012”. Continue reading

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Rory Dean featured in “Splice” magazine

“..Rory Dean’s tribute to Godard does an excellent job in emulating Raoul Coutard’s signature camera angles from behind the characters, indoor panoramas and plain-air portraits, like the ones framing a beautiful girl on the beach through the lens of Eddie’s camera. What makes this film truly Godardian, however, is the postproduction intervention in its black and white colour regime (amounting to what the director calls a “whimsical palate”) and in its sound design.” Continue reading

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I write for the sake of getting by when I’d rather be outside or near instead of rooted here, someplace else entirely, living like I use to when falling down was funny before it got so serious. Continue reading

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Keyhole (2011)

Maddin’s films feel like jig-saw puzzles where he’s intentionally forced the wrong pieces together just to see if we’re willing to play along and see what happens. Keyhole’s not looking for answers as much as Maddin’s making doodles, the kind of scribbles that invite you to figure them out or give up trying. Continue reading

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Drive (2011)

Calculated and precise, flawed, a vision with cojones and Albert Brooks kills someone. You maybe don’t even realize how connected you are until the first scene ends, the first glimpse into this world holds your every second, turns you into the perfect hamster waiting at the cage door of your life for the next meal of gerbil bullets. Refn holds the bag and you start to salivate and then it dawns on you that you’re OK with waiting as long as Refn makes every movie for the rest of your life. Continue reading

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