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Movie Review Blogging is about Momentum (2014)

Why do we watch films at all if not to escape, sometimes gingerly, almost all together brazenly into places familiar and not-so familiar to our own for minutes if not hours at a time of peaceful disinterest? Are we not consumed with the validating principle of our own misery as seen through the misery of others – or perhaps it is best thought of in slices at a time of confrontation, the way we live vicariously through close contact sports with the lives of others similarly distressed or otherwise purposefully impressed with pride, prejudice and privilege? It’s not about idealism or even happy endings but an ending that fits the mood and tone of the story and gives us a place to land and take off from… Continue reading

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Happy Birthday Above The Line

From the beginning I wanted this blog to be an extension of my creative writing, enlivened by my passion, pursuits and formal education in filmmaking. It would be the perfect opportunity for me to marry the perspectives of a film theorist and critic with that of an actual filmmaker. Continue reading

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