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Dark Knight Rises (2012)

DKR is not the worst comic book movie or end to a trilogy in recent memory but the fact that it’s over might just be its greatest achievement. It is long-winded and cluttered with the usual crippling redundancies, overdone explanations leave little to the imagination or curtail simple discovery while story is relegated to a cardboard box stuffed with convoluted action sequences and the plodding melodrama of PG13 blah. I could spend an entire article on the ills of the MPAA and the PG13 rating system and the directors who have gotten drunk on the Kool-Aid. Continue reading

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The Dark Knight (2008) Blu-ray

The Dark Knight lives and breathes on violence and dismay, on the potential for justice and the inevitable collateral damage of life, death and consequences. Christopher Nolan’s films are at odds with what they are and what he wants them to be, second only to our reactions, our willingness to embrace them for all the reasons to let go, turn away, or hold on forever. Continue reading

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The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus – Another Gilliam Stumble?

I convinced myself with bejeweled recollections of Gilliam’s previous films that he would deliver, if for no other reason than youthful hopefulness, but alas, no. Continue reading

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