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Filmmaker and Film Critic makes Movie Blogger Efforts

Writing about movies is about as close to making them as I can get right now and I think it puts me in a unique position to share my thoughts as a bridge for others to fall in love with the how as much as the possibility of movies. Continue reading

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Rory Dean featured in “Splice” magazine

“..Rory Dean’s tribute to Godard does an excellent job in emulating Raoul Coutard’s signature camera angles from behind the characters, indoor panoramas and plain-air portraits, like the ones framing a beautiful girl on the beach through the lens of Eddie’s camera. What makes this film truly Godardian, however, is the postproduction intervention in its black and white colour regime (amounting to what the director calls a “whimsical palate”) and in its sound design.” Continue reading

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La Maniere Que Nous Disons Au Revoir – The Way We Say Goodbye

A young man in a dead-end job takes in an unlikely roommate but soon realizes there is more to their relationship than expected as a failed robbery attempt, an unsuccessful romance and past indiscretions threaten to bring their world crashing down around them. Continue reading

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Jean-Luc Godard, Je suis toujours ici “I’m still here.”

Jean-Luc Godard is as much the beloved, curmudgeon grandfather character of cinema’s past commenting on the failures of films since, as he is the enigmatic, enthusiastic youngster holding a strip of celluloid or perhaps gazing at said strip now digitized on an overly large cinema display for inspection of every frame, examining and contemplating the next jump-cut or boisterous leading man with a hat to tip and the smug looks to go along with it. Continue reading

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