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What Happened To The Reality In Reality Television?

It is this planetary hold on the countless that tells us all that we need to know – there is no reality in reality television. We have no electron beam scanners or superheated charged gas combustion chambers that are capable of scanning, back-lighting or flickering even the remotest nuances of the feelings and sensations of the really-real real. When content is chugged like cheap brew and the next generation of t.v. dinner aficionados look for their GMO heartburn solutions in every other ad, celebrity mundanity and pop-appealists encourage idiot box prophets to stock the snack food aisles of our dwindling standards with Kool-Aid and golden sponge cakes oozing with the promise of creamy sustenance. Continue reading

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The Triumphant Returns And Spectacular Failures of Blogging in Hollywoodland

Blogging for the people that read blogs about people retiring from the spotlight for ten minutes and then in a desperate thirst for one more headline slipping back as though they never quit at all is after all is said and done the greatest Everest known to us. Continue reading

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This filmic is a multi-layered visual experience that takes place not in the dream-world but along the road that surrounds it. Continue reading

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blueprint for movie review diatribes

I try and move on to other things without leaving my chair. Continue reading

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Above The Line:Practical Movie Reviews Birthday News Year 2.5

It’s birthday time again here at Above The Line: Practical Movie Reviews and this year comes with another milestone – I totally forgot my birthday! So that being said, we turned 2 on May 18th followed by another big accomplishment on August 7th, 2012 when I posted Batman: America’s James Bond and reached my 200th blog post since starting this whole thing back in 2010. I’ll be here, man, because well, the dude abides writing about my high-colored times, low ones too, marveling at the movies and you. See you soon. Continue reading

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