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Filmmaker and Film Critic makes Movie Blogger Efforts

Writing about movies is about as close to making them as I can get right now and I think it puts me in a unique position to share my thoughts as a bridge for others to fall in love with the how as much as the possibility of movies. Continue reading

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Melissa K. Smith’s New Gallery Show: Threshold of Transformation

Prolific artist and multi-disciplinarian Melissa K. Smith’s (Dean) acrylic painting “No Woman’s Land” (not shown) was chosen by jury selection for this year’s Arts & Consciousness Alumni Exhibition at John F. Kennedy University in Berkeley, California. The exhibition “Art as Liminal Space: Threshold of Transformation” runs from November 5th – December 13th. Melissa will attend the reception on Saturday, November 10th, 6 – 9 p.m Continue reading

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Melissa K. Smith: Honey Hunter

Melissa K. Smith’s imagery and expressions reveal an exacting attention to the nether-spaces in color and form where layered, complex spatial formalities meet the intangible, often illusory places between destinations. These structured juxtapositions of space and imagined space tell us that the subjects of her worlds must first begin with their own command of comfortableness before being allowed to exist entirely on their own. “Honey Hunter is me returning to the paint and canvas shapes I love,” Melissa explains about the painting that was accepted for Hospitality House’s Community Arts Program exhibit “Honeycomb 2012”. Continue reading

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