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Twixt (2011)

“Twixt” is about dead-end roads and the distracted ambition of the travelers we find there in a makeshift world about middle grounds between dreams and the indecision of lost souls. We are invitees to the inky interiors of Coppola’s own perplexed life and the accumulated imaginings of his career. The result, while rewarding to Coppola aficionados and otherworldly adventurists, “Twixt” succeeds in ways and means that are simply not for everyone. Continue reading

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Red State (2011)

Red State is as much a gamble as it is anything else, a departure that stands a good chance of going too far from Kevin Smith land and alienating fans and followers or not far enough and audiences figure they’ve had enough Clerks reboots and choose the remake of Footloose instead. Continue reading

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