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Looper (2012)

Rian Johnson’s most exceptional mind bender flick “Looper” feels like the perfect blend of familiar and refreshingly different. While it treads dangerously close to common grounds, thankfully, almost defiantly in drives home the adage that less really is more when it comes to films about time travel. Johnson’s second film (his first, Brick) straddles sameitude with all the gusto of a blood spattered, fresh-faced Tarantino before he became a pop culture junkie hooked on the smack of parody, strung out on satire and obsessed with testifying to the choir of popular opinion. Continue reading

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Source Code (2011)

Source Code baffles, stutter-steps to make every second count but fails, repeatedly. Tangled like an exercise in plot mechanics, Source Code plods like a blueprint manufactured during Hollywood boardroom hash parties and thirty second elevator pitches that end with a ‘ding’. Continue reading

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