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Gravity (2013)

Despite the overwhelming positivism, both in reviews and ratings and award show gold, “Gravity” suffers from the same nausea ad infinitum that often relegates it to little more than a snappily dressed carny barker inviting the wanderer to navigate the tent poles of what will become a scattered visit to theater of the absurd. Continue reading

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Prometheus (2012)

It’s not for lack of brilliance in execution and scope that Ridley Scott’s 2012 space epic Prometheus suffers but from a sense of scattered indifference as though a film can rest on what’s come before almost entirely as long as it looks great, stuns the senses, rewards the viewer in lavish details. Scott seems most interested in questions unanswered as absolutes that can be proven, undermined or simple reflections of our endless hopes and dreams. These are heavy things that fuel films and stories, sometimes truthful and possible mixed in speculative fiction and imagination. But people seem drawn, uncertain because so much of what could have been, even should have been, is left to the viewer’s resolution and reward and ultimately we’re tasked with too much lifting to feel entirely rewarding. Continue reading

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