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Born on the Fourth of July (1989)

Oliver Stone’s films live and breathe in the aether of happenstance and catastrophe, hand-wrung spaghetti noodles on the wall of Americana in Technicolor pasticcio, washed in controversy and teeming causticity. Driven by Stone’s familiar and articulate camera, his branded editing techniques and his signature bravado that makes heroes of all his criminal souls, Born on the 4th is quite easily among his best films. Continue reading

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Savages (2012)

“Savages” is based on the wildly popular novel of the same name by Don Winslow, with a script co-collaborated between Stone, Winslow and Shane Salerno, the film is rapid fire tongues and razor wire wit governed by Stone’s obsession with the collateral damage of good and evil. It.feels like the perfect vehicle for Stone to crack the whip on the lazy and the uninspired who watch in idle fascination as media and technology washes the consequences of their detachment to violence over them. Continue reading

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