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Source Code (2011)

Source Code baffles, stutter-steps to make every second count but fails, repeatedly. Tangled like an exercise in plot mechanics, Source Code plods like a blueprint manufactured during Hollywood boardroom hash parties and thirty second elevator pitches that end with a ‘ding’. Continue reading

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Down to the Bone (2005)

Down to the Bone is the 2005 independent film drama by Debra Granik that tells the story of a woman ensnared; mother and wife, lover and addict, her roles are as indispensable as costume jewelry and worn without regard for fashion or the opinions of others. Directed and co-written by Granik, the film won the Sundance Film Festival Director’s Award for Granik and Special Jury Prize for star Vera Farmiga (Up In The Air). The film takes place in a wintry upstate New York, though unlike her follow-up Winter’s Bone (2010), the climate is less a sense of place and character as temperature, as the frigid space between forlorn lovers and the airy chasm that threatens life and limb as fueled by drug addiction and emotional vacancy. Down to the Bone is not a title as much as a declaration; this is paucity personified and minutiae examined. Continue reading

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Is Up In The Air a Downer?

Up in the Air is not a film for everyone but it is a film that writer-director Jason Reitman hopes will spark questions about the nature of our relationships and the consequences of our decisions to connect or not connect in the digital age. Continue reading

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